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Here are some ideas for awarding prizes but not during the sessions.

1.       Before the conference let’s find out by registration who traveled the 
longest distance.

2.       Who was the 100th person to register? Or 200th or 400th?

3.       During lunch have everyone stand up that has worked for a school 
district over 10 years.  Then increase by 5 or 1 until we find the person who 
has worked for a school district the longest.

4.       Before lunch, we could tie ribbons around some of the drink glasses 
and give a prize to whoever has a ribbon.

5.       Set up a display of 6-8 door prizes and let the winner choose which 
prize until all have been awarded.

6.       Set up a display of prizes with boxes with  a slit in the top of the 
box.  Anyone who wants to win that prize can drop their name in the box.  When 
we get ready to award the prize, pull from the names in the box.

I’ll keep thinking about the sessions.


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I've been thinking.....Yes, I know that's scary.  I know we always do the 
tickets and we started last year with writing the names on the cards in the 
rooms for prizes, but I was wondering if there was something that we could do 
that would be fun to do.  We will have to keep the tickets for somethings, but 
what are some creative ways to give things away.  We all know how long the days 
can be sitting in sessions all day long and how you can loose interest (Don't 
say it hasn't happened to you.)  For example, in Session 1, across the board if 
you want, the presenter says "Marco" during their presentation and sees if 
anyone says "Polo" and maybe a second time if no one answers the first time, if 
someone does not then no prize is given.  If we have prizes leftover from 
Wednesday sessions and the morning sessions of Thursday, we go in during lunch 
play some upbeat music, see if anyone starts dancing, give a prize.  I would 
like to make it fun.  Let's keep people guessing what we will do next.
Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Any you are crazy and go take your meds?

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