[gsis_admins] Any ideas?

  • From: Denise Epperson <denise.epperson@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: gsis_admins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 19:42:27 -0500

I've been thinking.....Yes, I know that's scary.  I know we always do the
tickets and we started last year with writing the names on the cards in the
rooms for prizes, but I was wondering if there was something that we could
do that would be fun to do.  We will have to keep the tickets for
somethings, but what are some creative ways to give things away.  We all
know how long the days can be sitting in sessions all day long and how you
can loose interest (Don't say it hasn't happened to you.)  For example, in
Session 1, across the board if you want, the presenter says "Marco" during
their presentation and sees if anyone says "Polo" and maybe a second time
if no one answers the first time, if someone does not then no prize is
given.  If we have prizes leftover from Wednesday sessions and the morning
sessions of Thursday, we go in during lunch play some upbeat music, see if
anyone starts dancing, give a prize.  I would like to make it fun.  Let's
keep people guessing what we will do next.

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Any you are crazy and go take your meds?


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