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  • From: Carolyn Oliver <COliver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 19:17:01 +0000

Noralee and I have discovered two problems with the 65% application. Noralee
has found that different sections of the same root course number (23.0017 and
23.1017 for example) due to a schedule change are not collapsing together as we
were told. Student is listed with each section and each section is showing as
not being 65%. She talked with Keisla Tisdel who told her that the data is not
collapsing and that it probably can't get fixed right now since that would be a
programming issue.

I found a student with the same course number 3 times. In my case, I don't
think that the data is overwriting from cycle to cycle and so the data is
showing from October, March, and June for the same student. During each cycle,
we probably tweaked something like adding a skinny sequence so that the data
was not an exact match each cycle.

I have put a call into Bob and am waiting on him to answer. Please look at
your district's data and let me know if you are having the same problems or if
you need to add anything in addition to what we have already discovered.

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