[gsis_admins] Re: 2013 GSIS Conference Evaluation What do y'all think about the form? It is not finished

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This is great! I am so glad we have someone on the board with this level of 
knowledge on how to create surveys like this. I have some suggestions below. 
One of the first issues I ran into trying to create the website is to decide 
whether the group is GSIS Users Group or GSIS User's Group. I think the 
official name is GSIS User Group, because the last "S" is for "systems" which 
is plural. Below are some suggestions:


In the opening paragraph, "Please take a moment to complete the evaluation 
about the 2013 GSIS Conference. Your feedback is very important to us.  We will 
use the information to help improve future conferences, and to improve the way 
the GSIS User Group functions.

Question 1: What SIS system are you using? (the last S is for system) and this 
is a question and a complete sentence so it would have a ? at the end.
Add Aspen, SchoolMax, and custom to the choices since we know that some school 
systems are on these. To show that we are not partial to any one system 
alphabetize them: Aspen, Infinite Campus, Power School, SchoolMax, TEMS, Other.

Question 2: In the choices, I think you would go in order, so after High School 
it should be: District Level, Regional Level, then State Level.

Question 5: 2013 Conference

Question 6: HOPE (Gacollege411)

Question 9: Which presenters do you feel shared information that will assist 
you in doing your job?

Last question: Please share below your thoughts on ways the GSIS Users User 
Group can grow in the future.

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Subject: [gsis_admins] 2013 GSIS Conference Evaluation What do y'all think 
about the form? It is not finished

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

2013 GSIS Conference Evaluation

Please take a moment to complete this evaluation about the 2012 GSIS 
Conference. Your feedback is very important to us, and we will use the 
information to help improve future conferences as well as the operations of the 
GSIS Users’ Group. Thank you!

1. What SIS system are you using:

 *    PowerSchool
 *    Inifinte Campus
 *    TEMS
 *    Other:

2. What is your building level?

 *    Elementary School
 *    Middle School
 *    High School
 *    State Level District Level
 *    Regional Level
 *    Other:

3. Which session level best meets your needs?

 *    Beginning
 *    Intermediate
 *    Advanced
 *    District
 *    State
 *    Other:

4. Do you prefer?

 *    1 day and ½ day conference
 *    ½ day, full day, and ½ day conference
 *    No preference

5. Using the scale shown, please indicate your satisfaction with the 2012 GSIS 
Users Group Conference Not Satisfied…1………2………3…..……4……………5….Very Satisfied
                1       2       3       4       5
Overall Satisfaction
Relevance to your Job
GSIS Website
GSIS Newsletter
Registration Process
Vendor Presence
Variety of Presentations
Knowledge of Presenters

6. Please check below areas you would like to see an increased number of 
sessions at the next GSIS Conference:

 *    MS Excel
 *    MS Word
 *    MS Access
 *    DOE Updates
 *    State Reporting
 *    Attendance
 *    Discipline
 *    Grade Reporting
 *    Scheduling
 *    HOPE (Ga411)
 *    Product Demonstrations
 *    Other:

7. What was your best experience of the conference?

8. What was your worst experience of the conference?

9. Was there any particular presenters that you felt was very knowledgeable, 
helpful and you were able to walk away knowing you learned quite a bit to help 
you on the job?

Please share your thoughts on ways the GSIS Users Group can improve and grow in 
the future below

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