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I just received an email on some training that I wanted to pass along and
share with all. I just spoke with a church last night about this exact topic
and some strategies and methods to better protect themselves. This appears
to be some good training and education for anyone that may be on the staff
at your church and/ or school.






Officer J. E. Wing #2511

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Providence Division Community Coordinator


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1-Day "Inter-Faith
%2520June%25202%252C%25202009%2520-%2520Raleigh%252C%2520NC> Church Security
& Intruder Response"  Seminar - Raleigh, NC


1-Day Inter-Faith Intruder Response Seminar


June 2, 2009 / Raleigh, North Carolina 
(8:30 am-5:00 pm) 

Seminar Location & Lodging:

Holiday Inn Raleigh-Durham Airport
919-655-1150 - Shannon
Lodging Cost: $119 per night
930 Airport Blvd.
Morrisville, NC 27560

**Mention Strategos Intruder Response 
for above rate**


$185.00 (Lunch Included)
**Seminar Handouts for each Attendee**

Local Point of Contact:

Strategos International
Phone: (816) 795-3768
Email: training@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Register & Pay Online | Download PDF | Download Word



Inter-Faith Church Security Seminar Testimonials

*       "This is MUST attend training for all pastors, staff and church 
security personnel"
Steve Ijames - James River Assembly Church - Retired Major - Springfield, MO
Police Dept. 

*       "This training course has given me a much greater insight in the
ability to prepare written procedures utilizing guiding biblical principles
. . . "
Rod Land - Concord Baptist Church - Jefferson City, MO 

*       "The teaching was GREAT! I was BLOWN AWAY by the broad knowledge &
information given at this seminar. 1-day and you get enough information and
knowledge to begin a security team, medical team, nursing staff, and so much
more. I need to tell you from a Pastor's perspective it was awesome!"
Pastor Barry Young - Crown Pointe Church - Lee's Summit, MO 

Click here for
20June%25202%252C%25202009%2520-%2520Raleigh%252C%2520NC> MORE "Inter-Faith

Persecutions Are Coming 
Matthew Chpt. 10:v. 16 - Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of
wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Although we don't like to think violent acts occurring within the church
walls, it is something for which we are obligated to prepare. There are
several good reasons that we must Pray, Prepare, Prevent & Prevail. Many
types of incidents (both big & small) could happen and have happened within
churches all over the country. Church leaders have an obligation to church
members, parishioners, and every visitor who steps inside our doors to
provide a safe environment for worship.

This 1-day seminar will give each attendee the information and tools to
start up your church's security ministry or formalize/professionalize your
church's existing security ministry.  The format of the seminar is to take
the attendee through a 80+ page workbook that addresses the topics needed to
either create a security/safety ministry from scratch or to formalize and
professionalize an existing safety/security ministry.  Additionally the
seminar will address specific information related to intruder response, lock
down preparation, when lock down fails preparation, offering transport,
embezzlement prevention, nursery security protocols, medical safety ministry
preparation, pastoral preparation and many other topics related to the
safety and security of the church environment.  The seminar format allows
the attendee all of the tools they need to either start up or formalize your
church's security ministry.

Are You a Church Leader . . . ?

*       Pastor of a church responsible for shepherding your congregation
regardless of size. (small, medium or mega-church) 

*       Business Administrator of a church responsible for risk management,
emergency planning and managing safety issues. Additionally 
you may be responsible for locating, interviewing and conducting background
checks from a human resources point of view. 

*       Facility Manager of a church responsible for physical maintenance,
security and safety of the church. 

*       Children, Sunday School or Youth Director of a church responsible
for safety, security and accountability for children and youth 
entrusted to your care. This would include onsite & offsite events. 

Then the 1-Day Inter-Faith Church Security & Intruder Response Seminar is a
MUST attend event! Space limited to the first 100!




What are the Risks?

*       No church should assume..."it won't happen here." This attitude
contradicts the biblical principle outlined in Matthew 10:16 

*       Churches & religious organizations of all sizes, locations and
demographics have experienced random acts of violence, often with tragic

Can violent acts at Churches be prevented?
The likelihood of violent acts can be reduced by preparing in advance. Many
instances of potential violence can be recognized in advance and either
prevented or mitigated, once they do occur, through effective, advance

What can your Church do to Prepare?
Any type of preparation begins with education. The right solution for your
church will depend on several factors:

*       History & demographics of the community and potential risk factors

*       "Intruder Response" planning for churches 

*       Recognize potentially escalating events within the church
membership, visitors or those your pastoral staff is counseling. 

*       Develop a policy to confidentially communicate potentially
escalating situations to the pastoral staff and also to appropriate security
personnel or church leaders. Establish and train either a covert or overt
security presence within your church 

*       Developing a protocol and policy for conducting a "church lockdown".


Other Topics Covered

*       Associated Liabilities & Risk Management 

*       Nursery & Sunday School Security - Policies & Procedures 

*       Armed or Unarmed Security Presence - What's right for your Church? 

*       Emergency Action Planning - Policies & Procedures 

*       Medical Emergency Response Planning - Policies & Procedures 

*       Background Checks for Church Volunteers & Staff 

*       Financial Asset Protection (Tithing, Offering & Hard Assets) -
Policies & Procedures 

*       Security procedures & lock down protocols for Christian Schools 

*       Pastoral Staff Personal Security 

*       Physical Security for Church Buildings - Construction & Surveillance

*       Developing an outreach to attract law enforcement to your





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