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  • From: "Michelle Le" <lem04@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 04:25:17 +0800

Ahhh! What's the size limit on attachments again???


Anyways, please look below for the email I've been trying to send. I've
PDF'd the document now so it can be attached and sent to you guys. The
original Word document won't send, was majorly big!


Ok that is definitely the last email from me.


From: Michelle Le [mailto:lem04@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, 2 October 2009 4:08 AM
To: 'groupi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: User Manual


Hey Guys,



-          User Manual

o   Not finished.

o   The PC Component bit I can't do at home because I can't get pass the
main screen (no database to access). (Kia, good job on the main screen by
the way, I like the buttons, much better than the other day).

o   The Archer Unit, tried as much as I can. It seems after every few
crashes, I'm able to do something new and access a new screen (or at least I
discover more screens). So all the possible ones I can get so far I've
screenshot it. I'll do the rest when the system is more complete.

o   I'll make it all pretty and user-friendly, with arrows, colours and
whatnot when the content is finished.


Hope it's okay for now.


See you all tomorrow at 4pm.



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