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  • Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 01:14:32 +0800

Just on this. I don't plan to be coming in for the rest of this week.

As such. It will be on who-ever hasn't signed the sheet yet to hand in the assignment hard copy. (you just need to print it/ get it signed etc).


Xiaohang Ma wrote:

    *hi Michelle~

    i think i can meet you tomorrow and  get the  assignment Cover
    Sheet,then pass it to  Lorin and  Rishabh~i will be free after
    3pm.See when you have time~
    also Loren and Rishabl please see when you have time to get the
    sheet from my hand.

    and Loren~i really hope you can help me modify some content of the
    testing part and then attach your acceptence testing part~hope
    that doesnt trouble you~thank  you~

    btw~shall we have a meeting this thursday?


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    *From:* Michelle Le
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    *Subject:* [groupi] Update of Deliverable B

Hi guys!
    Here’s a little update of what’s going on, or at least what I
    gathered after today’s meeting. *Sorry it’s a bit of a long email.*
*1. **Project Plan*
    ·         *Rishabh* has done this.
    ·         I’m going to tweak it a bit. So *Beau* could you send me
    ALL past *Timesheets* and *Meeting Minutes* that you have
    submitted so I can keep it consistent. I actually need it to
    finish the second page of the RAD anyways.
    *2.       **Client Sign-off*
    ·         HOPEFULLY we will finish this *by tomorrow morning*. If
    ·         I will pdf it like last time and send it to you guys.
    However I won’t be at uni on Thursday or Friday.
    ·         *SOMEONE* needs to *print off a hard-copy and go get it
    signed from the client*. And then *submit it at CSSE reception*.
    If we finish the document early, we can still send it to them via
    email, and then just let them know that “so and so” will come by
    the office at “certain time” to get it signed.
    ·         This *SOMEONE* needs to *meet me tomorrow* so I can
    *pass on the assignment Cover* Sheet which Beau, Kia and I have
    signed already.
*3. **RAD Sections*
    ·         I’ve modified the document as appropriate, with client
    amendments and will update it with recent meetings and milestones
    and whatnot.
    ·         *3.5.1 Scenarios* – *Beau *to modify according to new
    ·         *3.5.2 Use Case Models* – Hopefully this won’t take *me
    *too long to do. I’ll send it once it’s done to get some feedback.
    ·         *3.5.3 Object Models* ( Data Dictionary &
    Class Diagrams) – *Kia’s *taking this on and will liaise with
    *Beau *and *Lorin*, depending on what is being coded and stuff.
    ·         *3.5.4 Dynamic Models* – *I *think I will do a “state
    diagram” for this. Will need to read up on that. *Anyone *got any
    tips/help that would be great!
    ·         *3.5.5 User Interface* – Navigational Paths: I’m
    not sure what we’re meant to do here and if we’re meant to do it
    at all? *Beau *what you think? – *Beau *to replace with
    new screenshots.
*4. **Acceptance Tests*
    ·         Here’s a link to the Test Manual template:
    ·         So *Xiaohang* has started up this document. =) Beau has
    forwarded it to everyone.
    ·         *Lorin*, if you could edit this document and add your
    acceptance tests from today in where you see fit, that would be great.
    ·         The client also suggested that we add in a reference
    table to show which requirements from the RAD each test is aiming
    to test, makes it easier for them to read.
    ·         And then maybe send it back to me by tonight? And I’ll
    fix up the formatting if you think is required.
    In addition, the client has requested a reference page. For
    example, (section 3.3.3 hardware consideration), we have stated
    “Recent studies have pointed to potential limitations of such
    screen sizes for effective presentation of information, placing
    importance on having a clear, simple GUI.” Client wants to see
    references to where we got that. (Someone needs to reference that
    example). So if *everyone *can go back and read the sections you
    did, and if you think any of the bits need referencing, could you
    please specify where appropriate.

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