[groupi] The thingy about the thingy(xml and the comments from yesterday)

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 12:33:27 +0800


        The XML testing was conducted using the Oxygen XML editor.  It is a
software that allows users to create XML schemas  and generate sample
XML files from those schemas. This program was widely used to test and
define the XML structure of the file created by the SaveLibrary
library in the project. The inbuilt validation tool was used to test
various XML files generated from  the program against the planned
schema. ( I seriously don't know what else O_O)  
        Limitations (* I could only jot down stuff from kias application cuz
I didn&rsquo;t go out with beau for individual runs on the archer)  


        1)      The area field in the desktop application is not updated if
any of the boundary point values are changed.  

        2)      Once an XML file is loaded up from the Archer device and
committed to the database there is no way to add another file (*not
very sure, need to double check with kia, this is what I understood
whilst standing behind sam)  

        3)      The data for features does not get stored in the database.  

        4)      If the XML file is edited on the desktop usint a text editor
while the program is still running the values in the app don&rsquo;t
get updated.(Kia knows the details again.  

        5)      No way to commit individual data items to the database, data
is entered all together.  

        6)      Error correction not possible, the database needs to be
accessed to make any corrections. (* this was never even a
requirement as we weren&rsquo;t reading from the database we were
only committing to it.)  

        Also, sam found the prompts that popped up on the desktop
application to be really annoying, I think you had the same views

        Suggestions for the archer (these are only from Illya, I think the
user feedback forms had a lot more of these and the limitations. Who
has got them?)  

        1)      hover buttons could possible be included to go back to the

        2)      Provide the ability to tally up the items obtained within a
sample square.  


        Michelle, there wasn&rsquo;t much testing really and at the end the
xml that the software generated was just a bit out of sync with the
original schema&hellip;.just so you know. 

P.S. could someone text me and let me know if we're meeting in the
uni today and at what time cuz i'm at work on my lunch now and won't
have access to the internet till I get to the labs now >.

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