[groupi] Re: Testing Document

  • From: Michelle Le <lem04@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <groupi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 02:16:40 +0800

Hey guys!

OK, here's what i've attached:

- Group I - Project Plan Version R0.1 - FINAL.pdf - Which is the
Project Plan document, hopefully no changes need to be made.
- Group I - Test Manual Version R0.1 - Nearly Final.docx - Which I've
formatted and hopefully you will find it ok to use Lorin. I'll Leave
it to you to finish up =)

As always, I will not be attending any Thursday Meetings.
Beau I will send in my timesheet hours and the minutes from the
Client Meeting tomorrow night.
On Thu 3/09/09 12:56 AM , Lorin Tauss  wrote:

Hi everyone,

Here's the testing document as it is at the moment. I think the
acceptance tests bit is all complete now.

Ariel: I've highlighted a few areas in yellow that I wasnt sure
     Are tests A-F use-case tests? Change the heading if thats not
     There isnt any "test specification" for test F.
     There wasnt any part labelled "test specification" for test E,
so I put that heading in where it looked right for test E.... is that
correct where it is?
Michelle: It would be great if you could format this document and
make it all pretty like the RAD :)  
     If you email me the document back, then I can pdf it after doing
a little bit of editing for grammar/spelling and a final read-through.

Rishabh: If you are re-doing the diagrams without watermarks, can
please make sure you email them to me as PDFs, because I will not be
able to convert these files to pdf. (or are these files going to be
included in one of the other files in a word document?

Important: With all these different pieces to hand in, I want to be
very clear about it all. Who will be emailing me the final versions
of which documents? Can you please name the files with "Document name
- FINAL" when you email them, just to make 100% sure that I hand in
the correct versions, not old copies I already have?

Thursday Meeting: Are we having a meeting? I know Beau won't be at
uni... what about everyone else? Sounds like a no???????

Timesheet: How did it go last week with people emailing their times
to Beau? Is thursday night ok for that? Thats what I'm aiming for at
the moment.



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