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Oh and on the database. You should be able to do alot of it without the actual files. They will mainly be for the testing. (remember you have that picture of the schema).

kianoosh wrote:
Beau, I don't have forms would you please send them for me the scan of them
picture of them or something? and I still need the database. I don't know if
you receive anything from clients or not?

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Howdy everyone.

Hope your enjoying your week off. Suppose i'm about to ruin your relaxation and give you things to do.

Lorin - Finish off the Serial etc, I want it to be done by next week, so we can move you onto other code and integrate/test it.

Kianoosh - Continue with the GUI, make all the artifact forms etc.

Rishabh - I want you to make the XML schema, i'm not sure what you know about this, but someone needs to do it :D. This shouldn't take incredibly long, so try to do it quickly so we can build upon it.

Xiaohang - Can you make a start on the database code for the PC side, even though we may not have the entire access database, you can probably start with a proof of concept connection, and geuss at most of the functions etc that we will need to write.

Michelle - Start reading about what we need to deliver for the next deliverable, i think this one may be more full-blown, with user manuals and the like.

Beau - I will continue with the GUI on the archer, and if the schema is done, i will extend the saving library to work with the entire schema.

Cheers guys,

PS. Good job everyone on the rad, you all worked really hard :D

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