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  • Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 07:56:40 +0800

I hope no one else has been sending emails that haven't got through. I don't
think it's my account either, as I checked the Groupi Archives, it seems
that it chooses to not send stuff through randomly!


How long will you be at uni till? I don't think I'll finish by 8.30. But I'm
not going to work... so I'll get it everything done ASAP...cos I want sleep.


Please don't print anything yet as I am also formatting the Time Analysis.
And I've fixed up and PDF'd the ethics checklist.


As for field manual, I'm ignoring this bit as we never specified it in our
acceptance tests.


Can you go over the latest Acceptance Test Report Draft I sent for any
changes I should make. (I've got to add in "the User Manual" as part of our
test materials, but I'll add it to the FINAL once you send back any






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Subject: Fwd: Issues with User Manual


Sorry Michelle,


I just got to Uni.... Didnt know you hadn't received it!

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Subject: Issues with User Manual
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Hi Michelle, here's what I found.

Sorry there is so much to correct.

Contents Page:

should be: 

"Specifying a Save File to Use"
"Adding Boundary Points, Sample Squares and Feature Data"
"Transferring Save Files from the Mobile Device to the Desktop"
"Selecting a Database File to Use"

Page 3: 
"The Aiku Mobile Application allows you to input data about a site directly
from your Archer unit"  --------> "Unit" should be lowercase u.
Should be: "On startup, there are two possible screens that may load:"

"By default, the system will select the last used Save File. If this
file is found on start, the application will navigate directly to
the Site List for the relevant Save File."

"Specify a Save File"

"This screen requires the user to choose between the two
options (choose existing or create new) to specify which
Save File to use"

"The Main Menu is only accessible in the Site List, and is found at the
right hand side of the bottom bar."

Page 4:

"You can specify which Save file you would like to use:"
"Upon running the program, if the last used Save File
cannot be found, you will be prompted to choose to
create a new Save File or open an existing one." ----> should be comma, not
"Type in a name for the new file and choose the location for the
new Save File and tap on"

Page 5:
"Tap "Cancel" to cancel and go back to the previous
screen." -------> remove the word cancel here
"Note: The Site List may be displayed at the start of the program if the 
last used Save File is found in the system or when you close a site view

Page 6: 
"The Site Overview allows you to view Boundary Points, Sample
Squares and Feature data for the existing site. Tap between
the "Boundary", "Sample Squares" and "Features" tabs to
view the data." 

"To delete or edit the Boundary Points, Sample Squares, and
Features data, select the appropriate tab and hold down on
the selected row to access the delete/edit menu"

"Adding Boundary Points, Sample Squares, Features Data
      To add Boundary Points, Sample Squares, and Features data,
      select the appropriate tab and tap on the "Add" button at
      the bottom left. (Proceed to Adding Boundary, Sam
      Squares, Features Data pg 8)."

Page 7:
"The Site Recording Form for entering Site Information is split into several
pages which are accessed using the tabs or by
tapping the "Previous"/ "Next" buttons. The form allows you to input GPS
data manually or
putted or by grabbing it directly from a connected GPS device."

" GPS Data
      Tap get the "Grab" button to get the data from the connected GPS
device." ----> remove

Page 8: 

"You can add additional information about a site including Boundary Points,
Sample Squares and Features data. To add this
data, the site has to be previously saved."

"To add the data, select an existing site from the Site List" ---> remove

"If you want to add to a new Site you are currently
recording, you must save the Site first, and return to the Site
List to reopen the Site and open to the Site Overview." ------------------>
I dont know what the hell this is trying to say!

"Tap "Save" or "Cancel" when you're done to either save your changes, or
exit without saving" ---> shows up a couple of times on P8

Page 9:

OK! :D

Page 10:

"Transferring from the Mobile Device to the Desktop Application"

"Connect the Windows Mobile Device (Archer) to the PC using the data cable."

Page 11:

"The Aiku Desktop Application allows you to review and edit site information
from downloaded Save Files before
submitting it to the database."

Page 13:

"You can select an existing Site from the current Save File to review before
submission to the database."

Page 15:

"The Site Recording Sheet for reviewing/editing Site Information is split
into several pages which are accessed using the
tabs or by clicking the "Previous"/ "Next" buttons. The form allows you to
review the data and submit it into the
database upon completion." ----------> desktop app, so say "clicking"
instead of "tapping".

"All text fields are editable and must begin with an alphabetic character."

Page 16:

"Ensure that you have reviewed the all
the pages in the form before
submitting into the Database." ---------> remove

"Click "Ok" and the application will return to the current Save File Site
Information List."

"Or, Close as per a normal
application, from the Close button
on the top right corner."

Sorry there was so much!


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