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  • Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 10:00:30 +0800

Hi Group/Michelle.

Can you do what he has suggested?. It's a good idea. I would do it but i envisage coding problems occuring.
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Hi Beau

We will use one PC, which we will setup in the morning in the office. It
will have an internet connection so we can download any other required items
we need. The schedule at the moment is not yet defined, though at the moment
I would suggest that we setup around 9:00am to 9:30am.

Now for feedback regarding the tests, the current test pages are
insufficient for basic user tests and even for client sign off. To clarify
the test outline is fine in that the tests should be based around the
requirements i.e. Ability to record a new site

The problem however is the separation of components with respect to the
requirements and that there needs to be some quantified measure to state
that the test has passed, for each base unit and cumulatively requirement. I
know that yes and no can be quantifiable answers but with respect to marks
and feedback for yourselves people need have scales to allow a more
appropriate scoring based on a user evaluation.

For the user tests I expect the tests to be streamlined as I don't mind
doing extra overtime to help you guys but the rest of the office can't
afford such time. As such for users I recommend a specified questionnaire
styled form be used, perhaps broken into recording results for the different
components. Also I recommend separating the result from the comments and
state which requirement that question belongs to. I also recommend that you
look at refining some the questions to include interface controls and

If you need more clarification, please let me know, but also I cannot spend
too much more time on this as I have dedicated tomorrow morning. 


Samuel Thomas

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Hi Sam.

That sounds pretty in-line with what i wanted to do. I will be 'looking 
over the shoulder' of the testees though. In case they have a problem. 
Even a simple user interface will be daunting when you use it for the 
very first time.

With those last pages. I will try to get feedback from the users who 
don't care about the technical side (many of those pages say things like 
was it easy to use? etc). With the pc side, will you be using one set 
pc? or each persons individual pc. I ask as the pc side program will 
need to be installed, and most likely the empty database setup, (or the 
program instructed to point to the database you wish to store this 
information in).

Also, is the outline of who is participating at what time completed?. 
Even if it's just a rough draft, i need to figure out what time i need 
to be at Eureka tomorrow.


Samuel Thomas wrote:
> Thanks Beau I'll look over them this morning, I was intending that the
> entire test process would be brief but would be along the lines of:
> 1. Introduction and/or read over archer manual
> 2. Take archer and GPS unit (perhaps the diff - depending on the test
> subject) and capture some data out on the oval
> 3. Return with the archer/gps unit and download the data onto the PC, and
> push that data to the database
> 4. Complete feedback forms
> Overall I was expecting each test to last around 15 to 30 minutes.
> This is my impression of user test execution, but you can plan it however
> you want. I do at present have 5 people ready for the test(including
> myself), I maybe able to scrounge up some more candidates but I think
> keeping it within Eureka will be sufficient.
> Regards
> Samuel Thomas
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> Subject: Acceptance Testing Forms.
> Hi Sam.
> These are most likely the acceptance testing forms we will use.
> What i would like to do is to use forms 5-7 for the people who are 
> testing the programs. (are you planning to have them test out the pc 
> side, as well as the archer side?).
> Thanks.
> Beau

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