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Okay the GUI has been merged into trunk. So just use trunk now (archer 

Lorin. I'm not sure what you thought you were doing, but the logs show 
that you deleted the GPSReader Folder, then you did 2 more commits with 
the suo (solution) file. Which means you didn't change any code 
there!!!!. Tortoise SVN shows you what you are commiting on the messages 
screen. So i'd probably read it before you commit, to make sure it's 
doing what you expect (for the most it should just say file modified).

Here's the links copied and pasted out of my tortoise


and then windows would be


Of course you have to sub in your name. And the @svn is a thing i setup 
in putty (see the tortoisesvn webpages) so i don't have to put in my 
password (key authentication).

I'd say you can use

cits3200i.csse.uwa.edu.au in place of svn. Lorin maybe you can respond 
with the specific links.


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