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Sorry...one attachment at a time.

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OK, everyone please review it!!! 
Is it only Beau and I who are up?

Anyways, if there are no further changes, then I think this version is good
to go.

I attached a PDF (which turned out a bit scratchy), Beau you might want to
print it and jot down notes to remind you what to say. I tried pulling bits
into the notes section, some bits I wrote myself, but other bits I just
copied and pasted and edited a bit, so they still look like paragraphs, not
really helpful to read.

I'm bringing this to work with me.

Email Michelle.Le@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if any changes need to be made. Else,
anyone with Powerpoint07 can edit it. =)

I think if we don't make up enough time, maybe do a demo of the mobile


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