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The Aiku Test Checklist Version 3.0 is for the Use Case testing.


Lorin, I’ve attached the Word document for the Acceptance Testing bit. You said 
you would have a look at it today, and I’m not sure if you already got around 
to it, but in case you don’t have the document, here it is. Maybe once you’ve 
looked it over and add/edit it, you can confirm the final we will be using.


Btw Beau I am yet to test any of the Archer Application yet. Haven’t had time. 
Will do it tonight I guess, but won’t take long anyways, since I pretty much 
tested it when I wrote the checklist. I’ll do the test tonight over two 
separate revisions (the one I have, and whatever will be the current one 



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Hi guys!

Good job on the new name. I'll update the documents we're submitting to use 
that name. Makes the user manual prettier too by referring to the "Aiku Desktop 
Application" and "Aiku Archer Application".

Anyways, the checklist we were working on is now completed. I've added it to 
Trac. Not sure if I added to the right place or if I've followed the right 
procedure of adding it... but it's there.

It's also attached here for your reference. So far, the desktop application has 
been tested twice. And I will test the Archer component later on tonight after 
I work on the User Manual. Lorin is sitting in the lab next door and is looking 
at the acceptance testing and refining the checklist document.

That's all for now. Hope you guys are well. 

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