[groupi] Re: Documents for Submission (Not all of them yet)

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  • Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 10:45:46 +0800

I've added in Lorin's editing. (So helpful! Lol, it was a lot of copy and
pasting and I didn't really read over the Manual much, so glad Lorin picked
up all the mistakes).

Working on the troubleshoot section now. So might be another half hour.
On the that note, I know we're meant to add the User Manuals in the source,
but along with it being in those folders, how bout also keep it as a
separate document within the submitted zip file. That way, Michael will come
across it and open it up and see that in fact we've got way more
deliverables than the other group!!. =p

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What's the ETA on the manuals?. Both .doc and .pdf.

I've made some cd's up, for the source and installers. So i will burn 
the manuals on with them too and give them to the Archaelogy people 
(more proffesionalism marks)

Michelle Le wrote:
> Hi team,
> I'm adding User Manual changes now. In the mean time, could someone 
> please review this document for me. I've done all the BS'ing I can and 
> have not referred to any testing within the code. If anyone has stuff 
> to add, please let me know.
> Michelle
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> *Subject:* [groupi] Documents for Submission (Not all of them yet)
> *Electronic Submission: Use a single (Zip or tar/gzip) containing the 
> parts 1-7 and ensure your Group ID is clearly in the filenames.*
> *Hard-copy Submission: ONLY parts 4-7*
> Part 8 is different from the other parts, because every student is 
> expected to submit their own copy of the spreadsheet. As a result, 
> there is a separate cssubmit line for this component.
> I'm just going to name who's got/saved the "FINAL" for each component, 
> so Lorin/Beau can you make sure you get the correct copy.
>    1. The source code of the completed system and any user
>       documentation (including README.txt, INSTALL.txt). *BEAU +
>       (Please wait for the USER MANUAL final copy to put in here. I
>       don't think we need to print the User Manual again though)*
>    2. Source code version repository (i.e. RCS/CVS/Subversion version
>       tree). *BEAU*
>    3. Instructions on how to run your system in a CSSE environment to
>       be agreed between the team and Client. *I'M NOT SURE????*
>    4. Documentation of your testing process, planning and results.
>       LIMIT 30 PAGES. *MICHELLE Nearly there. It's not that great
>       since I have nothing but the Checklists to back it up that we
>       actually did some testing.*
>    5. A check list of Acceptance Tests, from Del B, and results of
>       tests conducted with the Client. *MICHELLE FINAL AS ATTACHED*
>    6. Time analysis and discussion *MICHELLE FINAL AS ATTACHED (well I
>       read through and edited what Beau sent, and labelled it as
>       FINAL, but if you see anything to be changed out, let me know)*
>    7. Ethics checklist and discussion *MICHELLE (Unless Lorin wants to
>       use the spreadsheet still) FINAL AS ATTACHED*
>    8. Group Relative Effort Computation *INDIVIDUAL *
> Michelle

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