[groupi] Re: Documents for Submission (Not all of them yet)

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  • Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 10:32:58 +0800

What's the ETA on the manuals?. Both .doc and .pdf.

I've made some cd's up, for the source and installers. So i will burn the manuals on with them too and give them to the Archaelogy people (more proffesionalism marks)

Michelle Le wrote:

Hi team,

I’m adding User Manual changes now. In the mean time, could someone please review this document for me. I’ve done all the BS’ing I can and have not referred to any testing within the code. If anyone has stuff to add, please let me know.


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*Electronic Submission: Use a single (Zip or tar/gzip) containing the parts 1-7 and ensure your Group ID is clearly in the filenames.*

*Hard-copy Submission: ONLY parts 4-7*

Part 8 is different from the other parts, because every student is expected to submit their own copy of the spreadsheet. As a result, there is a separate cssubmit line for this component.

I’m just going to name who’s got/saved the “FINAL” for each component, so Lorin/Beau can you make sure you get the correct copy.

   1. The source code of the completed system and any user
      documentation (including README.txt, INSTALL.txt). *BEAU +
      (Please wait for the USER MANUAL final copy to put in here. I
      don’t think we need to print the User Manual again though)*
   2. Source code version repository (i.e. RCS/CVS/Subversion version
      tree). *BEAU*
   3. Instructions on how to run your system in a CSSE environment to
      be agreed between the team and Client. *I’M NOT SURE????*
   4. Documentation of your testing process, planning and results.
      LIMIT 30 PAGES. *MICHELLE Nearly there. It’s not that great
      since I have nothing but the Checklists to back it up that we
      actually did some testing.*
   5. A check list of Acceptance Tests, from Del B, and results of
      tests conducted with the Client. *MICHELLE FINAL AS ATTACHED*
   6. Time analysis and discussion *MICHELLE FINAL AS ATTACHED (well I
      read through and edited what Beau sent, and labelled it as
      FINAL, but if you see anything to be changed out, let me know)*
   7. Ethics checklist and discussion *MICHELLE (Unless Lorin wants to
      use the spreadsheet still) FINAL AS ATTACHED*
   8. Group Relative Effort Computation *INDIVIDUAL *


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