[groupi] Re: Del B Nearly there....

  • From: Lorin Tauss <taussl01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <groupi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 00:42:09 +0800

Yep, its all arranged. I will take them a hardcopy to sign on Friday

Hopefully we can get them a softcopy before close of business
tomorrow (thursday)??
On Wed 02/09/09 23:19 , Beau  wrote:

Okay, and letting the client's see it? Could you send it to them as
 as it's finished.
 Also with that. Lorin before you hand it in could you go see them
 get it signed off?. If possible?.
 Michelle Le wrote:
 > Hey Beau,
 > Sorry I have no credit to reply to your msg about how Del B is
 > Basically,
 > - I'm compiling the project plan document at the moment
 > - Lorin is doing up the Testing document
 > - Kia did the diagrams, except he might need to contact you for
 > object models. I think Lorin just sent a description of his
 > for Kia to draw up.
 > - The diagrams Kia did have watermarks so he said he will do it 
 > tomorrow after his test. But if anyone has time to tonight, maybe
 > can just recreate those diagrams?
 > - And Lorin will be our submit person =)
 > Michelle

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