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  • From: Beau Trepp <treppb01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: groupi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 21:17:35 +0800


The way this is sitting is.

I've started the GUI, 30% of screens are available, with little to no functionality.

I have created SaveLib, the XML loading etc library. It's very initial, the application now needs a example.txt in My Documents to run formatted like

   <site name="hello">
   <site name="world">

I'm aware that this isn't a perfect xml formatting setup, we really need a schema etc, but we needed to show some kinda loading functionality, so it's implemented.

As well as some GUI implementation.

Can anyone inform me how the PC side is going?.

Also, Lorin, i'm not sure how your GPS reading part is going, but i might try and move you over to working on the GUI or XML library with me. Basically if the GPS doesn't do anything we will be forgiven as it's a prototype, however if the GUI/XML isn't up to scratch it won't be as easy.

Granted if you believe you can get it done and implemented, it would be pretty killer to show them the GRAB functionality of the program. But i think that may need a fair amount of testing and will be impossible to get done by tuesday.

The source is in the SVN at Archer, open the VS solution file to have it all ready. PS. remember if anyone ever changes anything, before you commit, do a CLEAN. We don't want all the gibberish bin and dll files uploaded/downloaded.


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