[groupi] Aiku Desktop Application Notes

  • From: "Michelle Le" <lem04@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <groupi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 06:05:46 +0800

Hey Kia, here?s some of the notes I jotted down while doing the User Manual.


Some of these changes you might not have to do since I haven?t got the
latest revision, so it might be changed already.


·         Top Bar:

o   Little green cross that says ?Import XML File?, can you please change it
to say ?Choose Save File? or ?Import Save File?. That way it?s consistent,
and the users don?t get confused with a new term.

o   ?New? button, can you change the mouse-over text to say ?Add New Site?
rather than ?toolStripButton2?

·         In the ?About? window:

o   ?Build By? line, fix typo for ?Computiing?

o   Oh and change ?Archaeology Software? to umm...?Aiku....something?....or
how about  ?Aiku Desktop Application??

·         ?Main Form? button in the sidebar should not be visible/enabled
when you?re already in the main form, should only appear only when you?re
not in the Main Form. (But I think you?ve changed that already cos we talked
about it). Ahhhh and on that note, I just remembered that in the User
Manual, I refer to this as ?Main Screen? rather than ?Main Form?, let me
know which one you prefer.

·         Page 1 Form:

o   The error message pops up for the (empty/invalid) text fields... Could

§  Maybe add a title to the Pop Up

§  Change the wording to something like ?This field cannot be empty and
requires a string/text. Input must begin with a character.?

§  For some reason, the message usually doesn?t close the first time round
when I click ?Ok?. It?s like it pops up two or three times before it
actually goes away. Not sure why?

§  After it goes away, it lets you go onto the next page and continue, but
like, every time you hit next, the error message comes up, but as a user, I
would totally forget that this error was from the first page, and then
wonder what the hell is going on. Oh this last bit is just a thought. I
think might be too much hassle changing it around or letting it point the
user back to page 1, or wherever the error was. Never mind me.

·         Page3 Form

o   I tried saving. I get an error (which can you please add a title) that
says ?SaveFormDetails: You cannot...?, I have no idea what this error is
for. That?s all.

o   ?Save?, perhaps change it to ?Save and Submit?.


Done for now.



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