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Dear Mihelle 


             I can not do that diagram again with another software tonight 
because I have an exam tomorrow so would you please wait until tomorrow or use 
the same thing that I gave you ?


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Haha I'm gonna call it a night! Here's a lil update...

Xiaohang - I'll meet you at 3pm in comp sci labs today to hand over the cover 
sheet. I'll leave it to you/Lorin/Rishabh to decide who will hold onto it and 
get the client sign-off and submit the hard-copy, once it's ready.

Lorin - Hopefully you will have the contents of the Test Manual document ready 
by the evening.

Kia - Object Models section...... how are you going with that?

Me - Dynamic Models.......not fun. And I will expand on the use case section if 
I have time, else I'm gonna leave it as is.

Beau - Done and Done. Except for navigational paths...just checked the Del A 
description which says that this will be "expanded in deliverable B"....which 
means he might be expecting it? Check out the example I reckon 

Rishabh - I haven't formatted the Project Plan document. It would be great if 
you could go over the Deliverable B description/definition and make sure that 
all the requirements for this project plan is done. It's 'cos I haven't looked 
at your document thoroughly, but if you could double check everything is done, 
will save me some time chasing up stuff or doing it myself. Cheers!

And everyone check for any referencing! Especially the one example from 
previous Update email, client wants to know where we got that statement from.

Check out the attachment, it's the RAD as it stands. Oh and I changed the font, 
as requested by one of the clients.


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