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Gracias Claudia!


tenemos una tarea gigantesca de acá a un año y mails como el tuyo nos ayudan
a seguir siempre apuntando para adelante!.


Te mando un beso!




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Felicidades Diego!!! 
Un abrazo de todo el personal de la Biblioteca Digital de la UCA 

Lic. Claudia Fernández
Responsable del Sector Referencia y Servicios Bibliográficos
Biblioteca Central - UCA
T.E.: 4 338-0692 

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Por favor, responda a






[greenstone_es] Felicidades a Prodigio (Diego Spano y su equipo)



Del Blog de Greenstone:

In 2008, the University of Waikato a received a Grant from the Mellon
Foundation to promote contributions to the Greenstone Digital Library suite
which provide significant benefits to higher education, libraries, museums,
arts, or nature conservation. The University is using the award to support
the Greenstone community of developers and users, particularly in developing
countries (see the announcement
<http://www.greenstone.org/blog#announcement>  below). 

The first grant of US$ 8,000 has been awarded to Prodigio Consultores
<http://www.prodigioconsultores.com/>  in Santiago, Chile, to coordinate the
launching of a sustainable, voluntary, not-for-profit Greenstone support
network for Latin America. In carrying out this work by end June 2010,
Prodigio will: 

*       identify national coordinators for focal points for promotion of the
Greenstone Digital Library software in at least 3 Latin American countries; 
*       establish contracts engaging each national coordinator to organise a
national Greenstone training workshop, provide technical support services
for one year and to ensure development and public access to at least one new
Greenstone digital library application; 
*       create a regional coordinating and evaluation committee composed of
representatives of the national coordinators and other Latin American
*       establish a collaborative portal to inform and facilitate
cooperation among Greenstone users in Latin America (including announcement
of training events, news about and links to Greenstone collections in the
region, FAQs, and documentation on Greenstone in regional languages); 
*       provide technical assistance to the work of the national
*       coordinate the work of the regional coordinating and evaluation
committee with a view to formally establishing and consolidating the
regional support network. 

Additional support has been provided to enable Diego Spano, Director of
Projects at Prodigio, to undertake a visit to Waikato to familiarise himself
with the latest Greenstone developments and to discuss the development of
the Latin American network. 

Although Prodigio is a commercial company, it will be undertaking this
activity on a totally not-for-profit basis. This work will build on the
Spanish-language Greenstone <http://www.freelists.org/list/greenstone_es>
discussion list which has been moderated by Prodigio for the past year.
Further information can be obtained from Diego <mailto:diegospano@xxxxxxxxx>

The Latin American network will join the Greenstone support networks in
South Asia <http://greenstonesupport.iimk.ac.in/>  (operating since 2006)
and Southern
<http://www.eifl.net/cps/sections/services/eifl-foss/greenstone>  Africa
(operating since 2007). 

We hope to award the remaining Greenstone-Mellon grants by June 2009 in
order to meet the deadlines for the use of these funds. Interested parties
are referred to the grant announcement: 

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