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  • Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 11:45:20 -0700

Start with siding on a house. Rough cut lumber is from faster growing local
trees and not older cedars from Western localities. Pine, spruce, hemlock,
larch... any resin producing species wards off insects (weathering).  House
enclosed. It is the Barn motif... with VOC (Low Volatile Compound) stain and
not paint... In the city/village and walk to work if work is in town. Two
family or multifamily for concentration of heating envelope.
John Barradas

>From: Joe Nolan <jnolan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [greenbuild] Bio: Joe Nolan
>Date: Wed, Apr 4, 2001, 7:42 PM

> I've been a resident of the Town of Ithaca (and Ecovillage at Ithaca) for
> ~5 yrs. I work part-time as a software developer, and most-time as a spouse
> & father of 2 young boys. My desire for a "righter" livelihood and a
> smaller ecological footprint lead me to wonder whether I might find work in
> the future somewhere in the domain of green design and/or building. I'm
> especially interested in low-tech approaches using local natural materials.
> (Having read Tolkien around age 9, I think maybe my secret lifelong desire
> is to live in a Hobbit hole...)
> I'm anxious to see what other folks are doing in this region (and
> challenging climate!), and to get some hands-on experience with some
> alternative building techniques. My own direct experience is limited to
> what's been done at Ecovillage, mainly passive solar space heating. I'd
> like to explore various tweaks to our house to reduce its impacts, e.g.
> addition of thermal mass, PV, etc.
> One unique feature of our house is the bamboo flooring, which we've been
> pretty happy with. Information on the product we used is available at
> <http://www.plyboo.com/>. We've also had custom insulating shades installed
> by the local business "Home Comfort", which we've been pretty happy with
> (minor condensation issues aside).
> 'nuff said for now-
> Joe

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