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Cheers Gav. Agreed Ray, perfectly happy with 10 just now.
There must be some useful upgrades in 11 but I'm not that advanced a user..

On 06/11/2021 13:44, Clair Pediani (Clair.pediani) wrote:

Ray here. I’d wait until many others around the world have done it and ironed out the bugs! Unless for any reason you dislike your Windows 10.

Microsoft do run a check to let you know if it’s even possible and my most recent desktop computer is not compatible but my one year old laptop should be - but as I use that exclusively for my work, like you, I have no wish to fix what isn’t broken....

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On 6 Nov 2021, at 12:40, Gavin Anderson <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Not done it yet, but will probably go ahead, will let you know how it goes.


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My laptop is suggesting I upgrade to Windows 11.
Has anyone done this yet? I dare not do it at work as have enough to do
without a load of IT stress!

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