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  • Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 11:36:50 -0400

Glen wrote:

I am coteaching a class where it has been an advantage to have both roster=
of students on a single class roll=2E  This has advantages for entering
grades, posting grades, etc=2E=20

The only downside is that one of the gradebooks is the "official" gradeboo=
that is checked in and auto-updates=2E  As a result the other gradebook ha=
it's students dropped each time I open it=2E  It only takes about 90 secon=
to undrop all the students, but I was curious if there was a way around
this? =20

Richard responds,

I think you answred your own question=2E On a network, the auto update wil=
cause you to have to "undelete" every time the class goes through the
server=2E I helped the sp ed teachers set up their classes and they did a =
of combining into one class=2E I could never figure out how to avoid
undeleting and they stopped asking me=2E I do know they combined into thei=
largest class so they had fewer kids to undelete=2E Maybe the lurking GQ
expert will give us the answer=2E=20

since this is now a very slow list, would you send a few lines about
"coteaching=2E" Do you both prepare plans? What subject or subjects? Does =
work? The concept seems expensive or is it actually cheaper?


Richard Emmel who has never figured out how to babysit and teach at the
same time and would love to have help with one or both=2E=20

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