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No it is done by the county as of this year (we are running GQ Web).


Mary Robinson



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When we start a new gradebook we have the option to import a roster from our
Student System sasi.  By doing it this way we save a lot of data entry.  It
imports the stn, class id, and all that important stuff. 


We do have teachers that have started free hand, and what a task.


DO you receive an error message?


Are you clicking on the picture of a student to add? or clicking below the
last row to add?


Could it be a setting in the school.gbk?



And as below from Mary Robinson do you have the ability/authority to add? 


Here we have to run the update to pull over Sasi roster updates to
gradebooks.  If a student has been added by the office (livelink) has to be
ran for the gradebooks to reflect the change. Same for a dropped student.


Hope some of this helps, we may be doing things dif. here.


Jamie Rhodes
J.G.H.S Building Technology Facilitator

>>> "Mary Robinson" <robinsonm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 10/27/2006 6:44 AM >>>

Are you sure that you have the ability to add students?  In our district,
the "Gateway" school software adds the students.  If we try to do it
manually the student is dropped later.


Mollie Robinson



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That is weird, I have 30 something in my lists.  I thought it would let you
just keep adding. I practiced on it and I got all the way to 60!  Try again,
and let me know if you need more help!



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Thank you for your help with the abc order.

I haven't gotton an administator type answer to anything yet. However, I am 
new to gradequick.
Sorry I can't be of more help.

I do have another question.
It seems to stop at student 26 and I can't seem add anymore names  Any 

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