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Thomas wrote:
I used GQ for 3 or 4 years and after learning SASI it was clear that there
wouldn't be a simple way for the two programs to communicate, especially
for attendance.  I did give it a shot... there just came a point where I
had to move on to more important things and chose to spend the money on
something I knew would work.  There may be a way to export a comma
delimited file containing grades and import it into SASI, but there didn't
seem to be a viable solution.  In my mind it's easier to get the teachers
to learn a new program that is designed to work with SASI rather than
instructing them to export a file, then instructing the attendance office
to import all the .csv files one at a time.  

Richard responds:


Thanks for writing. I went to the two URLs you sent. The XP site remined me
of the difference between GQ and the other gradebook progams. GQ always
looked like a spreadsheet and the others looked like a special page to
record grades. I've used GQ for 9 years so I am prejudice. You write to me
like I am part of the decision making team in our district. I do not have
that standing. I am a teacher who has pushed GQ and now the district bought
the program. I feel bad because they are not going to use it to its fullest
potential. Also, you seem to say that it cannot be used with SASI. I know
there was an attendance problem with V8 but it was my understanding the
bugs had been worked out. I called Jackson and the sales rep (Cindy) said
she would email me a list of districts using GQ and SASI. She told me that
there are no districts in Arkansas (except ours) using the two programs but
that there are many throughout the United States. 

I know that you have made your decision and GQ is no longer an option. If
you are interested in what Cindy sends me, I will share it with you unless,
of course, she asks me not to share the information. I went deep into a
Google search and never found a district myself. 


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