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I used GQ for 3 or 4 years and after learning SASI it was clear that there wouldn't 
be a simple way for the two programs to communicate, especially for attendance.  I 
did give it a shot... there just came a point where I had to move on to more 
important things and chose to spend the money on something I knew would work.  
There may be a way to export a comma delimited file containing grades and import it 
into SASI, but there didn't seem to be a viable solution.  In my mind it's easier 
to get the teachers to learn a new program that is designed to work with SASI 
rather than instructing them to export a file, then instructing the attendance 
office to import all the .csv files one at a time.  I spoke to several districts 
about SASI and IG Pro... some hate SASI, some love it (I'm part of this group), but 
most of their teachers like IG Pro once they learn to use it.  Below are a couple 
links... the first one will show you exactly what IG Pro is like (setup & all). 
 The other one is for ClassXP.  With SASI, you should use ClassXP for attendance.  
ClassXP also gives you the ability to enter final MP grades and do interim reports. 
 ClassXP is one of the easiest programs I have ever used and it only took me 5 
minutes to train the teachers to use it.  I don't know how you're submitting grades 
now, but you could use GQ for your gradebook and then enter the final MP grades and 
Interim reports (and attendance) in ClassXP.  Note: neither of these programs works 
well with Windows 98.


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Hey Jerry,

Our district just bought GQ. They are going to use it by loading the gradebooks on Edline. Teachers will open their gradebooks at Edline and there will be periodic updates to Edline. They are not going to try to connect GQ to SASI therefore we will not be able to send grades or attendance using GQ. We will still have to bubble. If you have been reading this thread, Thomas Mille wrote that he had given up on trying to get GQ and SASI to talk with each other. However, he said in another letter that he had not worked with Jackson and made that decision based on what the SASI people told him. The SASI people sold him their gradebook which does not sound teacher friendly or as good as GQ.

I take it your admin software has no problem working with GQ. Our district is going to load GQ on every computer and we will run it as a stand alone. I think it should be on a server and networked. I also think GQ can be made to work with SASI. I have asked on this list at least 5 times if anyone uses GQ with SASI and have gotten no response. I find it hard to believe that we are the only district in the world using the combination SASI, GQ and Edline.

With all of your connections, surely you know of a district using SASI, GQ and Edline.



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