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MessageThanks, Richard, for your offer, but we have decided to upgrade.
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  I have 4 old GQ disks. I bought two from Jackson and they are in the original 
jackets. They are Versions 6 and 7. Our school bought a school licence and I 
have two copoied disks. I know one is version 10. I do not know the other 
version. You may have any or all of them. However, I think your best solution 
is to upgrade. I do not know the population of your school nor the income 
level, but parents should be willing to pay a small fee to have a schoolwide 
digital gradebook. One more thing, I suggest you also get a price on Edline so 
the parents could check their child's grades, etc. online. So if you have 300 
students all of this could happen for about $2 a kid. 


  Richard Emmel
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    I have a really big problem. I just started at a new job last January. 
There was not much documentation left behind. We are using GradeQuick 8, but I 
cannot find a copy of the disk. Yesterday, I was trying to set up the new files 
for this year, and I guess I didn't know what I was doing. Somehow, I tried to 
cut and paste some files from one folder to another (both were called 
gradequick) and then I couldn't open Site Reporter anymore. The message said to 
contact Jackson support, When I did that I was told they no longer support 
version 8. It would cost over $550 to upgrade to version 11. We are a very 
small school - 100 students from Pre K to 8 - and there simply is no money. 
This morning, I could not even get into GradeQuick files, The message was that 
I am using an unlicensed copy. I do have a serial number, but when I tried to 
register, I was asked for a registration name. Then I didn't have any place to 
try to type in our name. 
    I was wondering if you have any ideas about how I could acquire a copy of 
the disk for version 8 to reinstall. I know I am not going to get one from 
GradeQuick. We were licensed users of version 8, so I just need a disk to 
reinstall the software. I would appreciate any help you can give me. 
    Edith Heilmann 
    St. Aloysius on the Ohio 
    Cincinnati, OH 

    PS I already tried eBay!

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