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  • Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 11:09:12 -0400

I would make it as specific as possible for your school/district.  For
example, if you are going to send attendance by GQ, make sure you go over
this.  If your district has rosters available to download on the first day
of school, go over this, otherwise have them bring class rosters so they can
enter them in.  Even if you download rosters later, I find it very helpful
to have gradequick started from the very beginning so I can make up seating
charts, blank gradebook spreadsheets and such.

I would also suggest breaking the training up into chunks.  If the training
is no longer than 90 minutes for the first session then additional sessions
of about 45 minutes, your teachers will retain more information.  One thing
I have done is to go over the basics of making rosters, printing and so
forth on the first session,  The second session is for when it is time to
download rosters and we start working with grades and attendance and how to
print class and student gradebooks.  The third session is for more advanced
topics such as when it is time to print progress reports and the procedure
for sending grades.  We go over things like priorities, comments, memos and
such at this last session.  

For your more advanced students, you can go over some things like gradebook
to gradebook copy, copying  student rosters and  grades and so forth.  Some
might benefit from being able to combine gradebooks then split them back
apart when it is time to print progress reports and send grades.  This can
be helpful for teachers who are coteaching and for pe classes.

Glen Lawson 
Davis Middle School 
Flowery Branch, GA 

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