[GradeQuick] Re: Inservice

  • From: "Richard Emmel" <remmel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <gradequick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:03:37 -0500

Lisa wrote: Does anyone have any websites, or hints, tricks, or anything
that might help me?


I've make my handouts from the Site Licence Notebook. I would take them
to the GQ website and to Jerry's site. Be sure to show them the blank
spreadsheet report and the class list option. I tend to follow the
toolbar from left to right. If you are on a network start off by having
them download their classes. If not on a network, set up the classes
together. There is never enough time to cover everything and they will
all leave feeling good about the workshop. They are alswys impressed by
the reports. Are you also using Edline? Be sure to have a coffee pot
going and some munchies. 


Richard Emmel who has never had GQ training and often wonders just how
powerful is GQ

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