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My district presets the name for files before the teachers upload their grade books.  They are told NEVER to change this name, because this is what is used when the grades are downloaded for report cards.  We too use the attendance option, which is great, as long as the server is running.  When it isn't, there are problems.
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How can I go in and ?see? otherattendance?  Nobody has told usabout this as far as I know.  Wewere also told the same thing about being able to send grades and some of ourchanges were not accepted because people had named theirs incorrectly.  We have had some major issues as I thinkmost of the system has.  Maybethings are getting better. :-)




NorthHall Middle School



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Are there more issues inGQ 10 than previous versions or is my district just getting a little over thetop?  For example, we use gradequick to send attendance in themorning.  GQ now has a feature that allows other gradebooks to"see" that information in their attendance.  This seems to me agood way to verify attendance across the day.  But some people don't likeit.  What are your thoughts?

Our district has told us we are to name our gradebooks in a certainformat.  At my school we were told this is so gradebooks for a certainclass could be found easily.  At a friend's school they were told thatthey would not be able to "send" grades unless they were named inthis format.  We download rosters that are updated over our Student InformationSystem module.  Mine update just fine by the roster code even though Inamed mine incorrectly (I downloaded my rosters and named them  beforeI got the memo, so much for being an early adopter!)

My last question is about the password on the GQ  login.  I know thisis built in if you have a site license for GQ10 (we do).  My issue is thatnow we have TWO login's and passwords for GQ.  The first is to log on tothe network drive that holds the GQ program.  The second is the GQ loginfor the now password protected folders on the GQ drive.  Two passwordsseem needlessly redundant since it seems more likely that teachers willactually just leave GQ open all the time now.  Anyone know aboutdeactivating the second password on the network install?  (not that the ITpeople are ever opposed to redundant passwords!

BTW, my true GQ annoyance is that they have now gone through the 5th versionwhere the print screens don't work well.  Up to version 5 you could printblank rosters or gradebooks using only the keyboard.  Now you have to usethe mouse because the "OK" button won't work with the"Enter" key.  Also you  can't scroll with a wheel mouse onthe "Print Preview" screens.

Any magical answers??

Glen Lawson
Chestatee Middle School
Gainesville, GA  30506   
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