[gptalk] Re: vista and start menu redirection

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 11:07:30 -0700

Frank, ADM is unrelated to this issue—since this is a Folder Redirection issue.


Scott, I know that MS changed how they store Folder Redirection data for Vista. 
When you introduce Vista into an environment, you are supposed to define Folder 
Redirection for Vista from Vista and if you need it to apply to pre-Vista 
machines, you check the box to tell it to store data in XP/2003/2000 format as 
well. Now, I don’t know if that is the issue here since it seems like you are 
getting *some* redirection but its failing. You might want to check the Group 
Policy Operations log on the Vista machine to see what errors specifically its 
giving. It should be pretty verbose about what is happening.




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Have you updated your .adm templates to the latest version (both for XP admin 
station and within the GPO)?

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 10:03 AM, Bean, Scott <Scott.Bean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

I have had XP machines running with Desktop and Start Menu redirection for a 
long time and everything works beautifully.  We have just added 20 or so Vista 
machines and Desktop redirection works fine but the Start Menu does not work at 
all.  All that happens is an empty "Programs" menu.  Getting two 502 events on 
the Vista boxes dealing with the Programs folder and the Startup folder.  
Cannot create folder "some folder" Access is denied.  Permissions on the folder 
on the server for the specific group is Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, 
and Read.  The user's are using a Mandatory Roaming Profile also.  Running on a 
2003 Native domain and all policies have been created from a XP box.  I am 
hoping to be able to fix this without making the policies from a Vista box, if 
at all possible.


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