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Hi Daniel,


It could be that you have LoopBack set to "Merge". In this case it will
apply all policies based on the OU that the user is in, then apply all
policies based on what OU the Machine is in.


Alan Cuthbertson



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hi all,


for some strange reason the ie homepage in our organisation has been

set in the default domain policy.


i find when i run rsop.msc and look at the homepage precedence, i have

a precedence list that looks something like this:


policy 1 <disabled>

default domain policy http://blah.com

policy 2 <disabled>

policy 3 <disabled>

default domain policy http://blah.com


so my question is, why is it being applied by the default domain

policy twice? from the very bottom gpo up to the second occurance of

the default domain policy are gpos applied to the users' ou, from

there up are gpos applied to the computer ou.


if anyone could shed some light on this i'd be most appreciative.






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