[gptalk] remote my documents GPO delemma

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  • Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 10:44:41 -0500

Howdy Colleagues:


I have a dilemma and any feedback anyone can offer, or suggestions on
what they have done would be greatly appreciated:


1.       We have several remote offices that are connected to our main
data center and servers via a persistent Cisco VPN connection.

2.       They have a local My Documents folder on their desktops, and
they also have an H: drive on a file server at the main data center.

3.       The H: drive on the file server is sort of a hold-over from the
days when they were only able to connect to email, etc. via a Citrix
session, and also it's the ideal storage location since it gets backed
up nightly.

4.       The goal is to somehow synchronize local my documents with
remote H: drive which receives the regular backups.



The normal offline file synchronization mechanism MS has for Windows XP
is very cumbersome, and only really gives the user a cached copy of
their files if the workstation is offline.  These remote workstations
are never offline.  Of course, you can "trick" them into thinking they
are offline with some fancy GPO settings, however, in testing this has
never worked well.  Ideally, it would be great to have what appears to
the user as their local My Documents actually on a file server, and of
course this is basically not difficult, however, they would have to open
any document over a slow WAN connection each time.  If it could be a
cached copy then it would be faster, but then when do you synch it up?
If you do it upon logon it takes 30 minutes to login and same if you do
it at log off.  It seems all of the built in solutions provided by MS
don't really work well for slow WAN links that are always connected.


Has anyone experienced this dilemma and if so, have you come up with any
creative solutions?




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