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This would all depend on how your security zones are setup. You can
force a specific URL into a zone and then configure security for that
zone, but you can't target a specific URL with Group Policy.

You can configure AutoComplete settings (ie. "don't remember password")
using IE Maintenance Policy, but only when it is set in "Preference"
mode. Preference mode means that the settings are not continuously
reapplied even if the GPO is forcefully reapplied. Basically you are
only setting a default configuration and the user would be able to
change the settings to whatever they want. Therefore, you can't
technically mandate that setting in a GPO, unless there is some other
way I am not aware of.

Jamie Nelson 

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Is it possible to create a GPO that effects the behavior of IE only when
the user visits a certain URL?  If not, have any of you done any
policies that disabled "remember password" feature in IE6 and 7?  I have
attempted to enable the "don't remember password" policy, but it does
not seem to work properly or consistently.

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