[gptalk] Re: .msi file installs

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On XP machines there are by default some group policy settings, which caches
domain logon. This usually causes that boot is faster but also causes that
network layer is loaded after logon to the system and therefore installation
through AD cannot not be performed: installation through AD by GPO is only
possible at system boot time.

Set new GPO for XP system to change settings: Open GPO editor and create new
GPO. Right click and choose Edit. Under Computer Configuration ->
Administrative Templates-> System-> Logon enable "Always wait for the
network at computer startup and Logon".
Wait for AD refresh (usually at most 90 minutes) and reboot the target XP
systems. Installation must proceed.

Best regards

On 9/13/06, Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Couple of things. First, if this is a computer-assigned app, and these are XP machines, it may take a couple of reboots to pick up the install, because of the Fast Logon Optimization feature which is on in XP by default. Have you checked the application event log for events of the type "Application Management" on some of those clients? Troubleshooting GPSI problems is a progressive thing. First, make sure that the machines are receiving the relevant policy by running GPMC's GP Results wizard. Next, if that shows that the GPO is being processed, see what the Component Status says in the report about Software Installation. Next, you can use my gpoglog.adm (www.gpoguy.com/tools.htm) to enable GPSI logging and see what that says. That should give you all the info you need. If there is a problem with the MSI package, then you can enable MSI logging at Computer Configuration\Admin Templates\Windows Components\Windows Installer\Logging


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I am in the process of deploying an .msi install across my domain using
group policy..

Problem is, approx 300 clients have been captured and installed, but the
remaining 400+ cant detect / install the .msi file on startup despite being
able to still receive GP updates every 90 minutes.

Any ideas would be great

Cheers guys


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