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I'd be willing to give it a go


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Hi guys-

Please forgive the commercial nature of this email - I try to keep the stuff
I'm doing with SDM Software separate from this list, but I wanted to make a
quick announcement in the hopes that some of you may find some interest. 


We are working to release a product that essentially allows simplified
web-based GP management for the purposes of desktop configuration management
and are looking for a few beta testers to provide feedback.  The goal of the
product is to greatly simplify GP management. In fact, you don't ever have
to see a GPO link or GPMC  if you don't want J. The product also supports
some basic workflow so that the same person who modifies GP settings does
not have to be the one to implement them. 


In any case, what I'm looking for is a few folks that can spend some time
with it to provide feedback from a technical perspective. 


Please note that this is strictly about beta testing-I promise I won't try
to sell you on it J. 


Thanks for the interruption. You can reply to me off list if interested.




Darren Mar-Elia

CTO & Founder

SDM Software, Inc.

www.sdmsoftware.com <http://www.sdmsoftware.com/> 

Comprehensive Group Policy Backup & Recovery with SDM Software's
GPExpert(tm) Backup Manager for Group Policy at



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