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Our client having mixed mode environment using 2000 and 2003 Servers.


We are planning to implement the security for their environment.


i have following query .



1. Applying GP from 2003 GPMC for 2000 server will take effect ?

[Darren] Yes. GPMC works just fine against Windows 2000 domains, as long as you 
run it from XP or 2003.


Or any best practices for applying GP in 2000 environment?

You just need to be aware that some policy settings don't apply to 2000--the 
Supported On text in Group Policy Editor for Administrative Template policy 
will tell you that.



2.We added MSS additional registry ( Tcp/ip) value in 2003 group policy .

can i apply the  same (MSS setting) for respective OU for 2000 server ,

[Darren] it really depends upon what it is and if Win2K understand those 
settings. Best way to know is to test it.


It will work or not / give any issues / is it suggested ?

[Darren] It’s a common scenario--must make sure that you always edit your 
policy from the newest OS you have--don't switch back and forth between 2000 
and 2003 or XP for editing policy.


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