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In that case the IE content advisor settings will work for you.
configure www.oursite.com as allowed and *.* as Never
When a user types in any URL not www.oursite.com they will either get prompted 
to enter a password to access the site or they will get an administrative 
message that tells them the sites are restricted. It is not the prettiest 
solution but it is a solution that is included with the product at no charge.


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Hi Omar

Yes to specific users only able to use IE.

We would run IE in kiosk mode and direct it to our intranet site. iexplore -k 
https://www.oursite.com <https://www.oursite.com/>  which has no external links 
etc therefore they are "stuck" in there.





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I am not sure what you are asking is really coming through loud and clear maybe 
you can elaborate.


Let me try to interpret what you are asking and you can say if it is right or 


You want to be able to limit a specific set of users in an OU to only be able 
to use Internet Explorer to access the intranet and no Internet sites. when a 
user types in an Internet URL you want them redirected to an Internal URL.


Is that about right?


The GPO settings for IE can restrict sites but the redirection will need to 
happen on a proxy server, router of firewall. ISA 2006 makes that real easy if 
it is the gateway or configured as the proxy.


For a GPO you can configure the content Ratings allowed sites to add your URLs 
and then you may be able to use a wildcard entries for everything else but I am 
not sure how or if the wildcard configuration will work as desired but it is 
definitely worth a try.


In the GPO you can find this setting in :


user configuration-Internet Explorer Maintenance-Security-Security Zones and 
Content Ratings-Then in the content rating section choose to import the content 
ratings and configure the intranet dns zones to always allow and then create a 
wildcard for the Never allowed sites something like *.com and then restricted


Good luck,






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Subject: [gptalk] gp template for internet explorer only

Hi all

Is there any predefined/easy way to have an OU (2003) have access to internet 
explorer only?

Which we will redirect to one of our intranet sites with no external links.


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