[gptalk] Re: editting admx files

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  • Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 11:32:22 -0800

If you are supporting Vista and w2k8 you can easily add ADMX files to the 
available options simply by copying the file into the central store and make 
sure to copy over (and create) the corresponding ADML file to the respective 
language subdirectory.
If you are not using a central store you may be able to just add the files on 
your vista machine in the policydefinition folders and once you save the GP to 
the domain it should be processed correctly on the desired workstations.
I would always recommend editing ADMX/ADML files offline or in a copy of the 
file and then replacing in the central store or local folder after you have 
tested it in the lab.
As for the GP feature in w2k8- fantastic- except the new preferences extension 
is only supported on w2k8 and there will be an update available for vista (may 
already be included in the vista RC service pack 1 code) and the other OS's 
will get this update later- but I am not sure if that will be a windows update 
or a separate download that will need to be installed.


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I am gonna solve it by saving it on a alternate location grrr. I will dig into 
it deeper it's better anyway to not mess up the original files... Also I 
noticed that gpedit.msc can't handle admx files and only adm templates :X a 
nice one from Microsoft... am installing the group policy feature now on the 
2008 vm machine.


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        Have you tried opening an elevated command prompt and do the copy from 
there? Elevating Explorer is tricky..




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        Hey all,
        Today I started to try to edit my first admx file. Nothing special just 
writing again a howto to configure other drives then the a b c d you can 
hide/disable. Now i try to save it and i get everytime access denied. Already 
elevated my perms to FC but no go.
        I can save it of course in a different location but hey I wan't to edit 
the original file :) 
        then I saved it in documents and try to load the admx but it won't 
showup while using gpedit.msc.. is the snapin to old?
        Hans Straat
        www.datacrash.net <http://www.datacrash.net/>  

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