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The policy below does hide drives. That's its purpose. You just need to add
the drive mask to the ADM file (or better yet, create a custom one so that
you're not editing system.adm).



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Speaking of limiting drive access, is there a way to HIDE mapped drives from
users?  I map a network applications drive that simply doesn't need to show
up in My Computer.  It needs to be there but simply be "hidden." Anyone?

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There is a policy under "User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows
Components/Windows Explorer" called "Prevent Access to Drives from My
Computer" that, when enabled, will disallow access to several different
combinations of the A, B, C and D drives or even all drives.


On 9/20/06, Eric Middleton <ericleem@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Anyone know how to make the root of c non accessible.  I have told
the group policy not to allow saving of files to c however if you creat a
new folder you can save to that folder.  Anyone know how to stop this?

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