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you can take away the (advanced) List Folder / Read Data permission, but
ensure you leave on Traverse Folder / Execute File at the root of the
drive applied onto this folder only, the re-add List Folder / Read Data
permissions on the root of the drive, but apply it to subfolders and
files... if the users or applications need it.  Then users won't be able
to browse it, but I don't know of a way to hide it completely.  Note,
users will be able.  Be very careful using this kind of approach
(similar to last email)  you will need to ensure that all of permissions
currently existing are comprehended.  And TEST!!!

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        Speaking of limiting drive access, is there a way to HIDE mapped
drives from users?  I map a network applications drive that simply
doesn't need to show up in My Computer.  It needs to be there but simply
be "hidden." Anyone?
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        There is a policy under "User Configuration/Administrative
Templates/Windows Components/Windows Explorer" called "Prevent Access to
Drives from My Computer" that, when enabled, will disallow access to
several different combinations of the A, B, C and D drives or even all
        On 9/20/06, Eric Middleton <ericleem@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
                Anyone know how to make the root of c non accessible.  I
have told the group policy not to allow saving of files to c however if
you creat a new folder you can save to that folder.  Anyone know how to
stop this?

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