[gptalk] Re: disable Integrated Windows Authentication in IE6 w/ GP

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  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 14:38:25 -0500

Have you tried running the task with the SYSTEM account and then giving
the computer rights to wherever it needs to copy the file to? That is
easier anyway because you don't have to go around updating every
scheduled task each time you change your password.


Jamie R Nelson
Systems Engineer
Ingenium Corporation


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On a W2k3 domain controller I have a scheduled task that invokes a batch
file to zip an existing .bkf file and move it to off-server storage.


The task is set to run under my domain admin credentials, but fails to
start with no errors in the event log and "Could not start" in the
Scheduled Task's status line.


While googling on "integrated windows authentication" + scheduled, I hit
on a thread in microsoft.public.windows.server.security titled
"Scheduled Tasks - Strange Permissions Issue" that seems to have cured
the problem by disabling IWA in Internet Explorer(!) Options ->Advanced
-> Enable IWA on the DC.


However, I'm worried that this is not a good solution as Roger Abell
pointed out - that is, "the issue is still sitting there waiting to foul
up an NTLM based Windows integrated (re)login attempt"; 


My question is:


Is there something I can tweak in my DC GP to allow scheduled tasks to
run with IWA enabled?



Randy Benson


Los Angeles, CA USA



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