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I am soooooo excited that you all are saying this.  I had my msi's on a
share, all warm, fuzzy, and secure, but I had the same exact symptom
Eric is having.  I was told by another admin around here someplace that
the msi's had to be in Netlogon, and after simply putting them in
folders under Netlogon and reassigning them... voila!  Everything has
worked since. BUT, I don't want them where they are!  So, now I have new
motivation to figure out how to create what I want.  I thought I was
working with a system limitation.


Thanks for the feedback, all.  AND, does anyone have any ideas as to why
moving my msi's would have appeared to have been a solution?





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Agreed. Netlogon is probably not the place for these--you don't
necessarily want your packages replicating to every DC.. A good DFS
share somewhere on a file server is your best bet. Eric I think your
best bet again is to use the msi*.log files in c:\windows\temp to
troubleshoot why the per-computer assignment is not working.





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Although a valid suggestion i would not be putting my msi files in the
Netlogon directory -

I believe best practice is to create a shared folder on the network and
allow access via security groups etc...

just my 2c


On Wed, September 20, 2006 11:08 am, Jim Bangle said: 



Are your msi files in Netlogon or a subfolder thereof? They must be
stored there, though the assign process will allow you to browse to
other locations and point to msi's elsewhere. I was caught by this early

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I have tried to make group policy auto install programs. I can make it
do it via user config but I would like to it do it via computer config.
I have added the msi and they are set to assign. At startup the computer
sais something briefly about managed software but then does nothing.
Anyhelp would be great. 


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