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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 15:17:04 +0100

Well, Ananth,


Actually I think the answer is pretty straight forward: Startup (and
Shutdown) scripts can be setup for Computer objects - for User objects you
can choose Login or Logoff scripts.


I'm not sure if a regular user is able to define a route (with ROUTE ADD) -
definitely not a persistent route? - but that can be tested by running the
script you have in regular user context. I (or better yet "we") might be
able to come up another solution for this (maybe by using GP Preference
which is soon to arrive) - but first let us know whether or not it's correct
what I think you are trying to do.


BTW - the security permissions (delegation) set on the "Internal Mail Server
Rout" GPO is set to apply to both "Authenticated Users" and "TAI2D\Harmony
Users" - I believe you might want to remove "Authenticated Users". But if
you are "hitting" an OU with only the right users, then you wouldn't need
the "Harmony Users" group anyway. Well, just a side note - only relevant if
you have to "hit" user objects.





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Hi All,

We are setting up a new domain and have added some policies and scripts. For
a particular group of users, we want to add a persistent route to a server
in another subnet. we created a bat file but the bat file is not running!
Everything seeme to be ok, but still... 

The file is set in this groups OU.  The bat file is copied to the Scripts
folder in SYSVOL. The starup script is set in......

Intranet Mail Server Route 

Domain Tai2D.ent 
Owner TAI2D\Domain Admins 
User Revisions 2 (AD), 2 (sysvol) 
Computer Revisions 2 (AD), 2 (sysvol) 
Unique ID {BD281E8F-6A17-4F05-8022-3015166E4011} 
GPO Status Enabled 

Location Enforced Link Status Path 
Harmony Users Yes Enabled Tai2D.ent/Harmony Users 

This list only includes links in the domain of the GPO.
Security Filteringhide
The settings in this GPO can only apply to the following groups, users, and
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users 
TAI2D\Harmony Users 

Computer Configuration (Enabled)hide
Windows Settingshide
Name Parameters 

Please advice....

Ananth :-)

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