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I've seen that error before and frankly I think what you're seeing is
expected behavior. If possible, I would remove the ProSet software from
those laptops that will be managed by GP. But keep in mind that wireless
policy in the pre-Vista world is pretty weak. That is, the settings you set
there are in many cases, "suggestions" and if, for example, another SSID
comes along the user can happily connect to it if they are not in range of
their preferred network.




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I've created a wireless policy that limits "Networks to Access" to Access
point networks only. I've applied it to test laptops that by default use the
Intel ProSet software for wireless management.

On the laptop, I disable the ProSet software. I attempt to configure the
Wireless Networks tab in the wireless connection properties. If I select
"Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" and click OK, I get
an error that at least one setting wasn't saved. If I go back to the tab,
nothing is configured.

In the policy, if I select the setting "Use Windows to configure wireless
network settings for clients" and refresh policy on the laptop, the policy
works as expected. I'm able to fully configure and save everything on the
Wireless Networks tab.

Background: In our environment we manage wireless connections with the Intel
ProSet software, but it's not mandatory. The purpose of this policy is to
restrict folks who may use Windows wireless networking from making
peer-to-peer connections in public places.

Is my policy behaving as designed, or is there something I'm missing? It
seems straightforward.famous last words.


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