[gptalk] Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 GPO Access denied (security filtering)

  • From: "tan hs" <tanhsjunk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 16:24:46 +0800


I am new to GP on the above mentioned.  I setup a new server which is
the only server as domain controller.
Then, I have created a global security group "grp_limited" and assiged
a member 'tan1' to the group.
The "grp_limited" is a member of "Remote Desktop Users".  Everything
went fine, and I am able to connect into the
server using its own RDC.  My first task is to try to disable all
drive redirection from this server.

I am running the GPMC and created a new policy under "Group Policy
Objects" name "MRS L".
I created a link in under the "Domain Controllers" and enabled the
"MRS L".  In the "MRS L" scope, under the
"Security Filtering" panel a "Authenticated Users" group was
automatically assigned to it.

In the "MRS L" policy, I only have a setting.  Computer
Configuration->Admin Templates->Windows Components->
Terminal Services->Client/Server data redirection->Do no allow drive
redirection "Enabled".

Then, I run the wizard on tan1 in GP Result, all the policy were
applied correctly.

Later, I removed the "Authenticated Users" from the "MRS L" policy and
replaced with "grp_limited" and do
multiple times of "gpupdate /force" and reboot the server.  I rerun
the wizard earlier and recreate new wizard,
this "MRS L" policy just stuck in the Denied GPOs in the result with
reasons "Access Denied (security filtering)".

I tried with some tool like GPExpert but I still can't figure out what
goes wrong.  I even tried to set the Delegation to the
'tan1' and 'grp_limtied' with Full Control permission also doesn't help.

Can some experts help me on this?  bare in mind, I do all these in the
same machine.

Thank you.
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