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That is correct. In any case, if some GPOs do get upgraded, the difference
between the 2003, SP1 and XP,SP 2 ADMs are negligible anyway (see
www.gpoguy.com/admdiffs.htm for details). 


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I have just been informed that our DCs are scheduled to be upgraded to
Windows 2003 service pack 1.  I run the GPMC on a Windows XPsp2 PC.  As long
as I only use an XPsp2 machine to run the GPMC I should not have any
problems, correct? It is only if I run the GPMC from the DC that my ADM
templates would get updated.  I just want to be sure that I don't have to
worry about my current settings getting overwritten.  Thanks for your help.

Mary Collingwood 

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