[gptalk] Weird problem when running Group Policy Result - Solved

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 16:36:19 +0100

Hi again!

I've discovered the reason why. I was using an Administrator account and 
not the user account when running the report.


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Weird problem when running Group Policy Result

Hi everyone

I hope that someone would be able to help me solve this weird issue I am 
I am running the Group Policy Results wizard from Group Policy Management 
on a number of Windows XP Pro SP2 workstations and when looking at the 
results page I am noting that for certain workstations under User 
Configuration there are No settings defined. Which is not true because 
there are and other workstations are reporting them. I cannot understand 
why this is happening. All our workstations are inheriting their policy 
setting from one group policy and all belong to the same AD domain. 
Has anyone encountered this before?


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